November 19th, 2023

CT Examiner | Angela Carella

STAMFORD – Repairing a lighthouse is a huge undertaking that starts with baby steps.

Gary Kalan took one this month.

He appeared before the Stamford Harbor Management Commission to ask for a certificate of permission – which he needed so he could request actual permission from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection – to bring a temporary floating dock out to the lighthouse and attach it to some pilings.

All that is just to have a place to tie up a boat and serve as a platform so workers can remove debris from the 1882 lighthouse that sits, stranded and rusting, near the entrance to Stamford Harbor.

It’s quite a feat to reach the ramp that leads to the circular staircase that has to be climbed to enter the lighthouse, Kalan said.

“It’s tricky pulling in and out on a boat – a lot of the breakwater got knocked down during (Superstorm) Sandy,” Kalan told the commission. “We need better access so we can set up a staging area and begin work.”

There will be a lot of that.

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