December 1st, 2023
STAMFORD — Stamford’s ancient “gateway to the harbor” and most famous navigational aid for boats now needs some help of its own.

The Stamford Lighthouse, also known as the Ledge Obstruction Light or Chatham Rock Light, is recognizable to anyone who has sailed in and around the city’s harbor or looked out toward the Long Island Sound for more than a century.

Gary Kalan knows it well, as he has an unobstructed view of the 60-foot structure built in 1882 from his home in Stamford’s Dolphin Cove, and is the person who lives nearest the lighthouse. The structure has stood vacant and mostly dormant for decades, its once bright searchlight now only a dim flash, and its red, white and black paint all but chipped away to reveal a rusted facade. He has watched as the beacon has deteriorated over the eight years he has lived on the water.

Eventually, Kalan decided to look into restoring Stamford Harbor’s lone lighthouse. He was told by a friend to contact Brendan McGee, who had just recently led the restoration of the Greens Ledge lighthouse in Norwalk.

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