Save Stamford Lighthouse!

Save Stamford Lighthouse!

Your chance to preserve and protect this maritime landmark and the marine wildlife around it.

Your chance to preserve history

The Stamford Harbor Lighthouse Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are seeking your support for restoring, preserving, and protecting the historic Stamford Harbor Lighthouse.

The Stamford Harbor Lighthouse has been an important aid to navigation and a beacon of inspiration for over 140 years. In need of repair and vulnerable to the elements, your immediate action is urgently needed to prevent the tragic loss of this vital landmark.

A team of experienced professionals, community leaders and volunteers is managing this project, but your support and involvement is essential to success.

The project

Preserve. Protect. Educate.

Saving Stamford Light

The Stamford Harbor Lighthouse is a significant piece of American maritime history that has been an important aid to navigation for over 140 years. Built in 1882, the lighthouse was erected to help guide ships safely into the harbor, known for its treacherous rocks and ledges.

Stamford was once a bustling hub of marine traffic bringing in essential goods for the local economy. The lighthouse played a major role in the development of Stamford Harbor and the growth of the city.


Latitude/Longitude: 41.013699,-73.5426796

Save Stamford Lighthouse!

Join us today in restoring, preserving, and protecting this icon of American Maritime history.
Current and future generations will thank you!