October 20th, 2023

CT Examiner | Angela Carella

STAMFORD – Lighthouses are loved for the beauty of their settings and the valor of their purpose – to guide and protect seafarers.

In Stamford Harbor, though, it’s the lighthouse that needs safeguarding.

The cast-iron tower on Chatham Rock, forged in Boston 140 years ago, is badly rusted. Situated near the harbor entrance two-thirds of a mile from shore, it has no approach because there is no landing.

The unique metalwork that forms the rails and canopy needs major attention. The round interior rooms, which are lined with brick, require renovation.

The lighthouse was built in 1882 to guide ships safely into a harbor known for treacherous rocks and ledges. The beacon still flashes every four seconds, directing boaters away from the breakwall, but it has dimmed.

The Stamford Harbor Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as one of only 33 “spark plug” lighthouses, so named because of their shape, remaining in the United States.

The historic designation, however, doesn’t mean preservation.

Someone has to trigger that.

In this case, it was two people.

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